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Temporary internet to go

Where you need it When you need it

If you are tasked with setting up a temporary project or event that requires temporary internet connections, you might find it difficult to find an ISP willing to provide such a service.

Whether for business use or personal special events, we value all our customers and are happy to help you with your needs. Your are welcome to fill out the form on this page or call us to see how we can help you.



We can give you portable internet access wherever you need it whether your event is inside or outside, and we work with you to customize your needs.


Our Temporary Internet service is an affordable option for short-term connection needs. Whether you are a business and need a quick jump-start or you are planning an outdoor event, we’ve got you covered.

Easy Install

Meeting preparation deadlines is important to a successful event. Our technicians work in a prompt and efficient manner to ensure your internet is up and running when you need it.